Wednesday, May 26, 2004

let the time to heal!!

Last night though I had all the preparations to join conference of great Amway, I simply could not for a funny reason! My housemate had to chat with her boyfriend, she kept engaged the telephone in net. Sometimes you can’t request all people for you, especially while he/she shares accommodation with you.

I heard that my ex boss tried Bubun (my wife) over her cell and even I received his one call but it got disconnected immediately while she attempted to log on soon. When she finished it was about midnight. I am sorry for not being one of participants in the meeting. I could join meeting from public booth, still it was inconvenient due to heavily raining overnight and Juman was with me.

Soon I realize that if I can’t afford anything, it will be a futile exercise to held up the position rather its better to give up or being off for sometimes. It’s me who had been looking for an opportunity like Amway without having any investment and my ex boss is the once again who have been boosting me up spontaneously like very beginning of my career. Now, the realistic life stands me in front of some unpredictable situations those to be overcome immediately. Time constraints, profession threatening, seclusion all together got dumped on me and make me fatigue, scary and unsecured. Am I gonna lost! Perhaps, it’s the life..!! My strategy is when time copes up with the bad stuff just let it be, Time is the best healer!

One thing I can explicate you what I felt, while IBO’s here were getting turned out here in Sydney, somewhat I thought, the market was enhancing for me. It would offer me more spaces and it’s the best time to exploit the market, I looked up to that much that there’s no boundary, no ceiling.

I gotta think pragmatic. I’m gonna pack my bags and will fly soon, Is it enough time to recover! But I’m sure I need some more time to get started the dream...! What I think is not to upgrade the existing, better time to repair to get back on track. I’ll be fine soon and will resume for the vision-


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