Monday, June 07, 2004


Sorry readers, this blog is written in my native language as I write for the local communities, sorry for the inconvenience.

Ekothar mane ki? amar ekta sordi hoyesilo!! adote kono mane nai-kimba eta vul bangla. adhkhana chand keheyesi, eta kono mataler ukti hote pare!! ei je jemon ja asse likhe jassi ero kono mane nai, kotha khoroch kora, electricity khoroch kora-paglami ki!!! kisu paglami korte hoi kokhono sokhono.

bhumika gulo korbar dorkar chilo na, asole njer mogoje eirokom typer kisu hosse, ei muhurte cigerette khete isse hosse, mathata faka, buker vitor ektu kosto, aha professional kosto! bissiri din ketese-pahar theke khose pore more jabar hat theke beche jabar moto! shalar tobu to pa chire gese!! jai ektu biri fuki, onno kisu vabi- erpor blog e likhbo ja kisu vabi nai, brain ese joma hobe hater angule!!

o ki jeno liksilam, novojan theke dhuke gelo ekta jantrik jan, cpu er moto sobdo hosse, dondo hosse, antorjatik dodndo theke choriye porese sodor dorajai, kromosho choto hosse, ghorer vitor dondo, nijer vitor dondo, nijer vitor duvag holam mai, oikhane o dondo-ekta sada kobutor ese boslo-kalo manushtake abiskar kora jasse na-ondhokare roye jasse-prediction kaj korse na-ghumiye porsi-ghumanor age manushtake dhorte parsi na-ami ghumate chassilam na-ami ghumiye jassi

"Ke asis akashtake ektu bol
du inchi upore utte, ami niswas nite parsi na..."

Friday, May 28, 2004

better to be ignorant than to be misinformed

Few years back like September 5th, 2000 there was an interview of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh on the world-renowned channel CNN. As we sat in front of television set we watched Riz Khan, one of the renowned journalists of CNN International gave an introduction of Bangladesh and the whole nation was degraded to the whole world.

He started with 1998 flood and the worst part of the flood was broadcasted. Picture of people swimming in floodwater and their distress, poverty were exposed to the full limit for the benefit of the audience. There were also scenes of traffic jams in the Gulistan area and of the growing population. In total, this country of ours was shown as a hellhole not a suitable place for prosperous human being to live in.

While explaining, it was a common expectation of the viewers that other good aspects would also be given touch. But nothing of this ‘sort’ was telecasted. A nation simply cannot survive only with natural calamities until it has some sort of economic activities. We are exporting our commodities worldwide and by years of journey our products are getting quality market. Surprisingly there was not a single word from the interviewer about our economic and industrial activities. CNN known as one of the most neutral tele-media and our expectation was rational. But as a Bangladeshi knowing our country better than the CNN journalist, we must say it was a biased show that does not carry the real image of our country. It is not a possible for human being to travel around the globe but someone can do so via tele media. But now I am confused if truth is suppressed then how we can get the real picture of any nation or country through media while we see the world’s largest media conceals many facts intentionally. We understand about time constrained but when ’98 flood was highlighted then recovery should have been focused. Riz Khan also mentioned that flood of this year was also devastating except capital city. We wonder, from where he got this misinformation!

Every country has it’s own share of natural calamities, flood, cyclones happen and there’s nothing we can do to stop it. The flood of ’98 happened as a result of global weather change. Other countries like India, Australia, Germany and China were also affected by it but they had a quicker recovery because they have the sufficient resources and financial ability to do so. The people of our country suffered the most. Even then we recovered and we survived – although it took us time and hardly anyone died during the four months flood due to starvation and epidemic and those who did - died of natural causes, with 3/4th of the country under water and all of our agriculture resources being stagnant. There were no economic activities for four months, we still had economic growth at the end of the year, the price of the basic food did not vary that much, even day to day vegetables were available in the market. We SURVIVED. All of these facts were completely excluded in the CNN report.

Traffic jam is another thing that happens world wide – not only in our country. We do have a growing population but by labor of the people of this country we get our hard earned foreign currency. I would like to inform CNN that we also have economic activities in our country, we have hundreds of mills, factories and industries where labor toil away to manufacture one single perfect shirt or leather bag or shoe which is to be exported later to the first world countries. In spite of floods, political instabilities and limited resources, our factories still run, our mills still produce and we are still able to supply the order of the goods within the designated time. The country is now self sufficient on food grain. This is a big achievement. We are even exporting rice. No mention was made on this aspect in CNN and they also did not say anything about our natural resources. Mr. Riz Khan just casually tossed in a line about our natural gas reserve and that was about it.

Me, myself an affect of this negative information of the media. Being a businessman, we meet many people from western part of the world, who come to our country for the first time and are surprised that we even have roads in our country. Still they think main means of transport is by boat even in the capital city. ‘All we see or read in the newspaper is either your country is swamped by flood or you are having riots and strikes. It is impossible to imagine that you can get business done here and done on time’ – that is what they say. We tell them that they must be mistaken or they must be joking! But after watching the CNN interview program, we learned where they get their preconceived idea. It’s needless to say the role of media. For least developed countries like us it is very difficult to progress like developed nation as media always being controlled by media-lobbyist countries.

I am not a good TV viewer myself but I like to keep myself in touch with happenings of the world. So I watch CNN, BBC and other news media regularly, presuming it is vast coverage and gives the actual news from all parts of the world. But after watching the scornful exploitation of Bangladesh in front of the entire community, I was furious, to say the least. I think any citizen with a clear conscience of patriotism should be careful to watch CNN again. I too would think of it either as heaven or hell on earth, based on incomplete or partial view they provide with. For my part, I would say, it is better to be ignorant than to be misinformed.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Materialistic life

No epic, it’s been long time that made a lyric – lingo gone away to wind – eyes about to take off!! Materialistic life is unable to turn out much more than the better. Existence like mouse – just move toward from hole to procure foods and get back again – the difference we make, we gotta find for the forthcoming, a budget estimated all over the life cycle.

Indeed, no difference between life of Sydney and Bangladesh unless style of life- Somewhere you’re gonna pull your Ford wheel and somewhere carts wheel- At the eve of your juvenile stage it had been said ahh!! We had not had a life!!!!- Does Sydney seize a good life! An Irish gal had been asked in the pub while dancing, she was furious “What’s life- Come on it’s been boring!!! Turn out guys!!!” Toronto is colder, stiffer! Doesn’t it go to more fatigue to life?

Life flourishes only into mind, shows your path in your way- miles to go – the miles are unhurried inside you. For me, better live for generation after generation, effort for generation.

Hey I am neither a nostalgic nor a frustrating; just say about life, wherever you are, the taste is same! The myth is “Live and let live”. Heheh..Enjoy!!!!! Cheers pals!!!! :)

let the time to heal!!

Last night though I had all the preparations to join conference of great Amway, I simply could not for a funny reason! My housemate had to chat with her boyfriend, she kept engaged the telephone in net. Sometimes you can’t request all people for you, especially while he/she shares accommodation with you.

I heard that my ex boss tried Bubun (my wife) over her cell and even I received his one call but it got disconnected immediately while she attempted to log on soon. When she finished it was about midnight. I am sorry for not being one of participants in the meeting. I could join meeting from public booth, still it was inconvenient due to heavily raining overnight and Juman was with me.

Soon I realize that if I can’t afford anything, it will be a futile exercise to held up the position rather its better to give up or being off for sometimes. It’s me who had been looking for an opportunity like Amway without having any investment and my ex boss is the once again who have been boosting me up spontaneously like very beginning of my career. Now, the realistic life stands me in front of some unpredictable situations those to be overcome immediately. Time constraints, profession threatening, seclusion all together got dumped on me and make me fatigue, scary and unsecured. Am I gonna lost! Perhaps, it’s the life..!! My strategy is when time copes up with the bad stuff just let it be, Time is the best healer!

One thing I can explicate you what I felt, while IBO’s here were getting turned out here in Sydney, somewhat I thought, the market was enhancing for me. It would offer me more spaces and it’s the best time to exploit the market, I looked up to that much that there’s no boundary, no ceiling.

I gotta think pragmatic. I’m gonna pack my bags and will fly soon, Is it enough time to recover! But I’m sure I need some more time to get started the dream...! What I think is not to upgrade the existing, better time to repair to get back on track. I’ll be fine soon and will resume for the vision-